Auditing Field Trials

The GRDC site audit application was developed for use on the iPad to perform audits on the crop variety field trials.


In the PC backend, system administrators use a content management system to set up the different types of field trial audits. There are different types of audits, question groups and questions with different formats including multiple choice, scalable and free text.

Users download and install the app onto their iPad and each time they open and run the app it checks back to the server to see if there have been any changes to the application or any of the questions.



When users the device detects the GPS coordinates which in turn provides a quality assurance step that the trial auditor is actually on site when commencing the audit. Questions are answered, photographs and comments collected and if the user is in range upon completion of the audit the information is sent back to a central server.


However, as is often the case in agricultural Australia there may be no Internet connection. In these cases the data is stored on the device synchronised back to the server when next online.

Back to the PC-based administration backend managers may extract data, view photographs and perform analysis on a wide variety of data.