iOs, Android and PC

GRDC initiated NVT to provide access to the performance of grain and field crop varieties through accredited trial management, data generation, and reporting.

NVT aims to stimulate adoption of emerging varieties based on reliable, timely and unbiased information on performance comparisons between new and existing varieties.

Since 2005 NVT has collected several million data points generated from over 5000 statistically viable national variety trials

Now we are producing a reporting format that can be utilised by Australian growers to make better informed farming decisions that under pin improved profitability.

A long-term yield analysis model has been refined by Australia biometricians over the past decade and that model has been built into an interactive reporting framework in a format  which is relevant and accessible to growers.”


The key deliverables of this NVT app:

  • Being NVT, the data is accredited and unbiased
  • Each time a user starts the app it checks newly released data. No need to wait for sewing guides
  • it’s accessible across PC, android and iPad’s, reflecting our changing user demographics

A big innovation is that not only can use a select existing cropping regions but can define their own dynamic region by dragging their finger or mouse across the screen, making the analysis relevant to a wider range of users.

Results are presented in tabular, colour coded format .

A user can look at the detail behind the analysis

View graphical results of varietal performance, with the ability to compare their current varieties with emerging varieties

Can even email their specific report in PDF to another use

In the hands of growers is the most important tool available to underpin well decision that stimulate adoption of more economically viable varieties.