The brief story of Storyboard Multimedia

  • 1999 - Established by Mark Luckey
  • 2003 - Office in Melbourne with development centres in Bangalaore, Pune and Hyderabad India
  • 2008 - First majore offshore project delivered using SAP
  • 2009 - First mobile app's delivered
  • 2011 - Began overall management of NVT Online
  • 2013 - Peter MacCuspie comes on board
  • 2015 - Tighter focus into agricultural and government space


The most recent evolution of more..

We first setup back in the heady days of late 1999, pre dot com crash (remembered that) when everyone wanted into IT.  Many folded.

Unlike so many, we survived those challenging days of the early 2000's through innovation, relationships, continual improvement and most importantly, delivering to our promises. 

In 2003 the cold calling from India began. Over the years, Prakash  became a close and trusted friend, weddng guest, adviser, mentor and of course, business partner. 


We deliver using a near shore technology model. 

Put simply, all of our client facing work, legal, accounting and interaction takes place locally.  Many of our clients aren't even aware most of our staff are offshore.

The local team is comprised of key consultants, project managers and a small number of coders.  If we need technical skills with the ability to instantly react, we have them available, but the bulk of our coding is done offshore.

A key advantage of this mode more..