Mark Luckey

Mark  was a co-founder of Storyboard back in 1999 having studied and worked at Swinburne University, including a stint working at Surrey University back in 1994.

The key moment for Mark came with the decision in 2003, following the first offshore project, to visit India and meet with more..

Peter MacCuspie

Storyboard first encountered Peter when he was MD of Hi Fert as we delivered our dealer online SAP portal. We began our collaborative association in 2013.

Peter has over 20 years experience as a company director and currently has a portfolio of Director roles at Strategic Data, Dodgs more..

Gerri Mills

Gerri started working with Storyboard back in 2008 as a test lead on the Hi Fert dealer online project. Her wealth of experience, now ovre 20 years in ICT, is a massive asset to our company.

The fact that she is great to work withand is brilliant at engaging with clients makes her al more..


Andrew has been with us since 2011 and is our favourite local tech Guru.  One of those self taught, intelligent, intuitive, outside of the box thinkers who just seems to know everything about all things in ICT.

Andrew's key skills are technical design, flow and coding.  He regularly more..

Ruchir Bang

Ruchir and his father Prakash were the two first people we met in establishing offshore development links in India.

Ruchir has been entreprenurial from the outset, driving innovation and quality assurance pathways across a number of business initiatives through the dot-com boom.  His more..