GRDc Site Audit

The GRDC site audit application was developed for use on the iPad to perform audits on the crop variety field trials.


In the PC backend, system administrators use a content management system to set up the different types of field trial audits. There are different types of audit more..


Storyboard Multimedia's Peter MacCuspie presents on Big Data at AARES in Canberra, 2016.  His focus was about economics, the methods of collaboration and the need for Australian Agriculture to take the initiative.


Sites on a map

GRDC initiated NVT to provide access to the performance of grain and field crop varieties through accredited trial management, data generation, and reporting.

NVT aims to stimulate adoption of emerging varieties based on reliable, timely and unbiased information on performance compar more..

Big Data in Agriculture

In the presentation, Mark reviews some of the parameters and potential for Big Data in Australian agriculture, the ideologies that need embracing, the technical requirements to capture the required information.


Mark utilises a decade of offshore development more..

NVT Long term yield App

Developed by Storyboard Multimedia, The “NVT Long Term Yield Reports” application was developed to provide growers and advisors with an easy-to-use means of accessing and interpreting the data from the GRDC funded National Variety Trials program.


Big data SBM

Big data doesn't always need to be complex. In fact, a Rubik's cube can be a great place to start

Data convergence

Bringing data together is often referred to as  "convergence".

Here's a simple explanation





Rubiks 3

In the perfect world, you are just playing with your own data, largely a technical and non-bureaucratic operation.


Rubiks 4

Here, using our friend the cube we look at three different scenario's of big data acquisition:

  • simple collaboration
  • licensing
  • total failure